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How VoIP Will Solve These Top Business Situations That Could Be Affecting Your Bottom Line

Phone systems are an integral part of any business and can make or break communication and sales with customers. When selecting a phone solution for your business it’s important to look beyond just cost as the other features and benefits can provide efficiency and bottom-line advantages in the long run. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you then you can benefit from a VoIP cloud-based solution.

  • If you are like many companies today with employees working at different locations such as the office, on the road, at home or moving about to multiple job locations then you know the pains of figuring out what number to reach them at. Do you call the office, their cell, or their home? If you don’t reach them which number do you leave a message at that they are most likely to receive? This scenario is very common. With VoIP you can call one number that will centrally ring to all devices and your voicemail will get delivered to their email no matter which device you called.

  • You have employees out of the office and assigned their phones and contacts to another employee. Do you know how many calls got lost in the process or voicemails left for the employee on vacation? With automatic call forwarding, you can easily assign phone lines so calls are automatically directed to another employee in their absence.

  • Do you have sales staff who have given their customers their personal Cell phone number as the main contact to place orders or ask questions? While very convenient for the customer, have you considered what happens if/when that sales person leaves to go to a competing company? All of the customers they serviced will continue to call their cell number. Wouldn’t it be better if customers were given a direct dial number that the company controls but rings the sales person’s smart phone via an installed app? This addresses the convenience needs as well as the control that companies need to protect their customer list.

  • Your company or employees are involved in sales and are frequently on the road heading to sales calls. An important customer you have been trying to reach for the past week calls, but you are not at your desk. So, you continue to play phone tag and possibly lose the sale. With VoIP when someone calls your work phone it will ring on your cellphone as well so you don’t miss the call but still keep your personal cell number secret.

  • Have you ever questioned if you have enough lines for your office? Do your customers ever get a fast busy and just hang up? An auto attendant can act as a digital receptionist to forward calls to the correct department and individuals and even share important messages with your callers.

  • You have a power outage, snowstorm, or other event that requires your staff to work from home last minute. You would like to see their productivity on par with when they are in the office and not appear to customers that they are working from home. VoIP allows seamless communication capabilities when employees are working outside of the office.

  • Do you get multiple carrier bills that you need to keep track of and budget for? Would it be easier if you only had to manage one?

All the above scenarios can be addressed with the benefits and features of a cloud-based VoIP phone system.

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About the Author

Kevin Barrett

Kevin has over 30 years of experience providing IT solutions and support for Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. He founded KMB IT consulting in 2003.

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