Covid-19 Update

An Open Letter (updated 9/17/2020)

To all of our Clients and Area Businesses,

    I wanted to let you all know that KMB IT Consulting is working every day in support of our partners, clients and the customers and people that we all serve.   As you are all aware one of the tenants of our service delivery has always been the ability to support nearly all tasks remotely by design.   And all though this was not designed as a response to a pandemic it is proving to be well suited to our current situation.  

KMB IT Consulting is once again getting calls to work on projects that were put on hold back in the spring at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although this is not the normal we had, we will once again be visiting our clients offices to provide physical on-site repair, upgrade and installation services, but in doing so we have established strict protocols around our expanded engagements – Masks will be required to be worn by clients and KMB IT staff alike. All equipment will be sanitized before and after installation using a 70% alcohol solution (that is safe for electronics), Liberal use of hand sanitizer, hand washing and social distancing will also be the norm. When ever possible our work will be done after hours to limit exposure to clients and staff and all services that can be completed remotely will continue to be done remotely.

PS:  Please feel free to let others know we are here to help if they are trying to figure out how to deal with working under these conditions, we may be able to help.  Even if they are not currently Clients of KMB IT Consulting, Inc.  If they need help enabling a work from home situation or getting systems configured or repaired we would be happy to assist, no contracts or long term commitments required.  

Kevin M. Barrett
508-581-5021 (OFFICE)