Are our precious memories at risk?

As we reflect on the time spent with family and friends this past holiday season, I know we all took a lot of photos.  If you are like me you them uploaded them to your computer for “safe keeping” , but are they really safe.  If you are a bit concerned you may have also purchased a external USB hard drive to create a backup of your photo collection.     That is a very good idea, since the average person will suffer more than one system failure at some point resulting in Data Loss.   Hard-drives like everything else wear out, so the older your drives are the more likely they are to fail.

I have not even touched on natural disasters, fire, floods and the like.  In the case of a fire or flood, No backup, if in the same location is going to save your data.   To prevent data loss in these cases (as well as loss due to theft) the only answer is off site backup.

There are many solutions out there that will allow you to upload some or all of your data to their server for safekeeping.   Some are only for photos while others allow you to upload other files too, but most of these solution are limited on how much data you can store.  More importantly, they require that you remember to actually upload the files.

KMB IT has a solution that does not require you to remember to upload anything,  when you add files to your system,  regardless of what type of it is, photo , movie, a scanned image of your child’s first finger painting.  Even works in progress are protected (automatic backups happen every 15 minutes with changes to all protected files), so when you College Senior is working on their final paper and they accidently over write the file or their laptop crashes or is stolen – the data is still safe and can be restored immediately by them to any other system using the web retrieval interface and their credentials.     The system maintains the last 10 versions of every active file and the service even keeps deleted files forever! So if a file was deleted in error it will always be available for restore.    The best part of this service is there is no limit on how much storage you can use the price does not change, so you never have to decide not to back something up out of fear it will use all of your space.

Currently KMB IT has a special for any new backup client – the Month of Feburary will be free for all new users signing up for 1 year –  13 months for the price of 12.